"I recently completed the beginners ‘Hijama Therapy’ course. I found that the quality and quantity of the support given throughout my studies was very beneficial for me. The instructors were supportive in the sense that, whenever help was needed, I received it immediately.  On a general note, I found that the course was demanding but from this I gained a lot of skills. As well as becoming confident in practicing Hijama, it allowed me to look into a very interesting part of the healthcare field. Due to my huge interest in this course, I have decided to take it upon myself to move forward on to the advanced course. The beginners course has lead me to pursue a profession in this field and overall, I have had a fantastic experience and would definitely recommend to others."

Abdurrahman Saleh

Bolton, United Kingdom.


"I am proud to say that Simply Hijama is the best place to study Hijama because of there quality support they offer to there student and also how the course instructors create a good atmosphere to study, by being friendly to there student and also, they are good at answering questions in the best way possible, generally, I am  proud to say this is the best place to study Hijama online because now I am confident to practice Hijama professionally."

Ahmed Harun

Nairobi, Kenya.


"The quality and amount of student support was great, the course instructors were approachable, friendly and were able to answer my questions. My general experience of the course was that the material provided was informative and I enjoyed doing the course. What I gained from the course is understanding the application of Hijama therapy in practice. After the course, I gained confidence I’m now able to do Hijama on my friends and family."

Umm Ishaaq 

Arizona, USA.


"During the duration of the course I was really impressed with the course content and how much it covered. My first experience of doing Hijama on my friends and family were not as daunting as I thought they would be due to informative and clear practical workshop provided. I believe being on this course has built up my confidence to practice hijama and my enthusiasm to revive this wonderful sunnah in the 21st century! "

Umm Khalid

London, United Kingdom.


"I got all the support I needed. Whenever I asked a question it was replied very quickly. The course instructor was very friendly. I enjoyed the course I got a lot of knowledge too. I'm confidence in practicing Hijama Professionally."

Aminath Niyaza

Male, Maldives.


"I am so pleased to have joined simplyhijama. The help and support I received whilst studying have been very beneficial to me. The course instructors were very professional and also friendly which gave me the confidence to ask any questions that I had. The more I looked into Hijama the more interesting it got. I have gained a lot of knowledge from studying with Simply Hijama and want to learn more, for this reason, I decided to do the advance diploma course. Now that I have completed the beginner's course I have full confidence to practice Hijama."

Rakshinda Hafiz 

Coventry, United Kingdom.


"I have to say that I enjoyed this course.I have learned a lot through out this course.I would highly recommend this course to everyone interested learning about Hijama. I can say that I am pretty much confident treating patient with Hijama."

Mersiha Konjhodzic

New Jersey, USA.


"I have just finished and, thankfully, passed the Higher Diploma in Hijama Therapy course at Simply Hijama. The course is well defined and quite fairly split into 5 modules that enabled me to cope with both my home life and the course. Once I got used to the structure of the first module I was very happy to see the same structure repeated in all the modules, so I was always comfortable with the tasks and tests set. All I had to do was soak up the information in the materials provided.

The materials are clear and the help is always there from the friendly instructors. They always dealt with my questions and confusions promptly and efficiently. 

I'm happy I completed this course successfully and surprised at how much more control I have over the whole process of Hijama. I now know so much more than when I started. It helps when I know the patient is feeling relaxed and reassured because I'm more confident in my ability and have a more professional set up around me. 

I really enjoy giving Hijama therapy since having covered all aspects on the course I am more able to cope when things go don't go as planned.

Thanks to everyone at Simply Hijama for your friendly approach and efficient manner that enabled me to complete the course successfully. "

Saaliha Al-Shaikh 

Liverpool, United Kingdom.


"Overall the experience with Simply Hijama was positive. The instructors were friendly, responsive and helpful whenever needed.  The course was easy to follow and I enjoyed the learning experience. The knowledge I gained from the course makes is possible for me to practice Hijama in a confident and professional manner."

Samina Farooq

New York, USA.


"I have done graduation in "Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery" (B.E.M.S) from Hamdard University and also registered herbalist from National Council For Tibb, Pakistan. (Federal Regulatory body for Unani/Eastern Medicine of Pakistan) and residing in Karachi, Pakistan.I really had a wonderful experience while pursuing my advance diploma course with Simply Hijama, the course content was very well designed keeping in view all the professional liabilities. Miss. Maria Sheikh my course instructor was very co-operative and supportive.I enjoyed the course and this course upgraded my knowledge and polished my skills, now I am confident in practicing Hijama professionally. Insha Allah my support will always be with the institute and whenever you need my help I will always be there. Ameen."

Zeerak Aamir 

Karachi, Pakistan.


"The quality pf the course is very thorough, detailed professional course, targeting everything you need to start a career in a professional manner. The course facilitators are very responsive and supportive. I enjoyed the course very much and grateful to be a student of Simply Hijama, I feel ready and I can't wait to begin my career as a CHP. Thank you for all the support and encouragement."

Maria - Anne Delaroche 

Melbourne, Australia.


    "The course was easy to follow and instructors were helpful. It provided thorough information in not only the practice of Hijama but also on the setting up of clinic, insurance and safety factors. I found this added information in fact Module 5 very illuminating and it provided insight to a person who has never opened a personal clinic. I immensely enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the art of learning Hijama Therapy."

    Dr Ayesha Qazi Qasim

    Saudi Arabia 


    "I have got a lot of support as a student. I liked quality of webpage and instructions were clear everything seem to be well organised. Instructors were quick with help and very friendly. I used to send questions and get mail back next day. My general experiment of this Hijama course is that it is very beneficial absolutely amazing for me and my close ones as they get cupped by me.  I did enjoy this course a lot because I’ve learned how to cup right and follow hygienealso learned a lot of interesting Hadith about cupping and other health related ones Alhamdulillah. Yes, now when course is finished, I feel much more confident in practicing Hijama. Because I learned how exactly to put cups how go cut and all the other important details."

    Safina Ysupova 

    Uddevalla, Sweden.


    "I firmly believe the quality of this cause is outstanding. This is because the resources available are amazing, whereby it explains the different aspects of hijama. The online tests were really well structured therefore they were really easy to follow whilst understanding the purpose behind it. Also, the support was really good too due to the resources, as well as the email support.The instructors were fantastic and it was a pleasure to deal with them. They answered any and all of my questions.My general experience of the course was nothing but positive. I cannot fault Simply Hijama."

    Burak Pirincci

    London, United Kingdom.


    "Hijama therapy has help me build self confidence, discipline and the communication skills towards patients and other people. This therapy helped lots of patients suffering from different types of disease example of a few anxiety, depression, pack pains, knee pains, headaches, fertility issues etc. This course gave me more courage when I read the history on the Hijama therapy was done on Holy Prophet Muhammed SAW and his family. Without the support, encouragement sister Maria and Sister Asiya I wouldn’t have been able to finish my course. Alhamdulillah I have completed my Hijama course with the help and guidance of Allah (SWT) and Insha Allah and by his Grace and mercy will help me to cure more people having health and other problems."

    Shabbir Mohamed Alarakhia 

    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


    "Although I am a Certified Hijama Practitioner and have learned Hijama by various schools of thought, I wanted to enroll in Simply Hijama to increase my diverse experiences. Both the basic and professional courses were detailed and the admins were easily approachable and timely in their responses when questions were posted. Having taken other certification courses, I would recommend Simply Hijama for its overall quality compared to other professional online Hijama courses."

    Sohada Awad

    Massachusetts, USA.


    "I thoroughly enjoyed taking both the beginner and advanced diploma Hijama courses. The written lessons were very detailed and the amount of study needed to complete each section successfully was adequate.

    The course instructors were prompt in their email responses to any inquiry that I had regarding coursework, homework assignments, case studies, and needed documentation and paperwork to complete the coursework.

    I enjoyed the course and feel that I have gained practical experience and increased skill, competency, and confidence through my case study practicum.

    I am excited to begin offering hijama and being a part of reviving this sunnah practice. And, I am happy to offer my services to sisters in my local area, who may never have had Hijama treatment before. I am confident that I will have the highest professional standard within my Hijama practice. I would like to extend my support for Simply Hijama and would like to help strengthen the coursework and practicum experience for future participants."

    Vina McDermott  

    Connecticut, USA.


    "I was happy to enter this hijama class . I have learned so much about it and I feel confident to practice the Hijama now. I did enjoyed it and I was also happy about the instructors who was friendly and very professional to answer my questions. Hope in the future I can take the next class also. And my general experience of the course, Was all good." 

    Aicha Andreasen Emini



    "Simply Hijama made the course easy and very enjoyable in many ways : the support given, the quality and the help given to students  (thanks to Maria) I was feeling great while doing the course. Now i am extra confident to practice Hijama and cupping to a high standard and reviving the sunnah.   Many thanks to you Simply Hijama."

    Khadija  Elazoua



    "The course material was of high quality, precise and easy to understand. The instructor was very helpful and always responded quickly. I enjoyed the course and now fully confident in practicing Hijama. I will recommend this course for all medical practitioners. I must congratulate Simply Hijama for this wonderful course."

    Iffat Aslam 

    Delhi, India


    "I am very grateful for the opportunity of studying the beginner and advanced course in Hijama with ‘Simply Hijama’. I had considered my options with various other schools before joining ‘Simply Hijama’.  Besides the fact that their fees were very reasonable & affordable, I liked the very approachable & friendly nature of the staff at the school when I called them and also corresponded with them with various questions that I had before joining. The same approachability & friendliness of the admin, teachers & other staff remained till I completed my course, which made it easy for me to approach and ask questions and clear doubts that I had during the studies, and also for case management. The course material is also comprehensive and detailed where needed. I particularly appreciated the section on business management, and also information of various legislations that I should be aware of when started my professional practice. Overall I had a very good experience with the school and would definitely recommend to others."

    Dr Taheseen Khan 

    Mississauga, Canada


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