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To apply for Beginners Course in Hijama Therapy simply choose the appropriate 'Membership Level' then fill in your email address, complete the online registration form and make the payment. Once the payment has been received, you will receive an email approving your application. Please read the Terms & Conditions before applying. 



The Beginners Course in Hijama Therapy is a part time online course certified by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and PWA (Professional Wellness Alliance) aimed at students who want to learn Hijama Therapy. Do you want to learn Hijama Therapy and help yourself and your loved ones? Do you want to know more about this amazing Sunnah of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)? Are you unsure if you want to practice Hijama Therapy professionally and pay for an expensive course? If the answer is yes, then this course is for you!

Our aim to spread awareness of Hijama Therapy globally, so part of that is making our courses affordable as possible. Not everyone wants to practice Hijama Therapy professionally. You may just want to learn more about it, or practice it in house on your family and friends. With this course you can learn about Hijama Therapy at a low cost price. Learn how to perform Hijama at your own pace and with tutor support at your finger tips.  

If you want to practice Hijama Therapy in a professional capacity, this course is a perfect introductory course to build your confidence and practice your skill. Once you have completed this course you can move on to the Higher Diploma course and become a fully Qualified Hijama Practitioner. 


1. To grasp the basic understanding of Hijama Therapy application in theory and in practice.

2. To be confident in applying Hijama Therapy safely.

3. To be able to deal with patients in a professional manner.

4. A starting point to becoming a Qualified Hijama Practitioner.


Once you have completed this course, you will receive a certificate and will be able to practice Hijama Therapy on your family and friends. 

If you are interested in becoming a Qualified Hijama Practitioner, this course is a stepping stone to help you gain confidence and give you the tools to practice your newly acquired skill. 

After completing this course you can move on to the Higher Diploma in Hijama Therapy and practice professionally and even start your own Hijama Practice.


Students can enrol on this course at any time of the year. There are no specific start dates or deadlines when studying with Simply Hijama.

Our aim is to make Hijama Therapy accessible all over the world.  Therefore we welcome all foreign and international applicants who can speak English at a satisfactory level.

The online course is designed to reach out to and accommodate national and international applicants. Modern technology has made it possible to even teach a “hands on” therapy like Hijama Therapy online. We provide instructional videos for our International Students to support them with the practical components of the therapy. 

All you need to enrol on this course is a computer and an Internet connection!


Our online system allows students to login and access all the course materials including our instructional videos. 


When you enrol on any of our courses, we make a promise of supporting you throughout your time with us. We provide student support via email, text and over the phone. We are here to help in anyway we can! 


This is a flexible online Hijama Therapy course. Students are able to complete this course at their own pace with no set deadlines. We recommend the course be completed within 6 weeks. If a student wishes to complete it in less/more than 6 weeks, he/she may do so. Each unit requires 1 week of study.


Unit 1 - Sickness

1. Treating Sickness

2. Other Medicines from the Sunnah

3. Prohibited Remedies

Unit 2 - Cupping Application

1. Introduction

2. History of Cupping

3. Types of Cupping

4. Dry Cupping (including indications, contraindications and method)

5. Massage Cupping (including indications, contraindications and method)

6. Wet Cupping

Unit 3 - Cupping In relation to Islam

1. General narrations about Cupping

2. Cupping while fasting

3. Cupping while in a state of ihram (consecration)

4. Sunnah Cupping points mentioned in the narrations of the Prophet

5. Sunnah Cupping points

6. Preferred days for Wet Cupping in Islam

7. Frequency of Wet Cupping

Unit 4 - Preparation for Treatment

1. Patients preparation for a cupping session

2. Therapist's preparation for a cupping session

3. Who can be treated with Wet Cupping

4. Who Wet Cupping should be administered on

5. Method - Wet Cupping

6. After treatment care

Unit 5 - Health and Safety

1. Treatment room

2. Equipment used for cupping

3. Health and hygiene of the therapist

4. Safeguarding the health and safety of the patient

5. Code of conduct


Students are assessed and receive marks from the following written and practical components:

1. Online Tests:

Students are required to complete 2 tasks in the form of a multiple choice quizzes. 

2. Practical Training/ Final Practical Exam:

Students are required to complete a practical exam, this is given online in the form of a video (for international students) or in person at a designated location (this will be held in Forest Gate, East London) (for students in the UK). (Times and dates for live sessions will be given to students after enrolment and may be subject to change at the discretion of Simply Hijama).

For students in the UK, the Practical Training Session is a compulsory component of the course which can take around 3 hours and the Practical exam takes place in the same session. 

3. 10 Proof of Practice Pictures:

As part of the course students are also expected to send in 10 proof of practice pictures of different people that they have performed Hijama on as evidence of their practice (the pictures are not part of the assessment and are not graded). These pictures allow us to assess your incision technique. 


A total of 3 hours of practical training and tutorials will be held at a designated location (Forest Gate, East London) during the course. For students who cannot attend or international students, the practical training will be conducted via a set of instructional videos. We will provide instructional videos to all our students, this will teach you how to perform the Hijama, and therefore allow you to practice in your own time. We aim to hold regular live practical training sessions a year depending on the number of students and the demand.


You will receive a score for each of the assessments you undertake which will be totalled to give you your final mark for the Beginners Course in Hijama Therapy.

Marks are collated from the following:

  • Online Tests 1 & 2
  • Final Practical Exam 

Students will be awarded:

Distinction: 90% and above

Merit: 80%-89%

Pass: 70%-79%

Fail: 69% and below


Cost of Beginners Course in Hijama Therapy - £95

If you enrol on to the Beginners Course and Higher Diploma in Hijama Therapy, then you will receive this course for free. 


1. Read the "Terms and Conditions" before registering. 

2. Choose the appropriate 'Membership Level' (at the start of this page) for you and complete the application process.
3. Pay the course fee (see payment options below).
4. Once payment has been received, you will receive an email with further instructions. 

You can pay via PayPal:

Once you have completed the application, you will be redirected to PayPal to make the payment. This is the default option for our customers. If you have a PayPal account, please login when prompted to and make the payment. If you do not have an account, then you can choose the option to 'pay by debit or credit card' (which is below the login section) when you are prompted to login to PayPal.  

Once you have paid, the course will be activated for you within 24-48 hours. You will then receive further instructions on how to access the course. 

You can pay via bank transfer:

Please follow steps 1 and 2. Once you have completed the application, you will be prompted to make the payment. Please choose the 'Invoice Me' option on the website. Then you can use the bank details below to make the payment via bank transfer. 

Our account details: 

Simply Hijama
Account number: 
Sort code:

Put "your name" as the reference when you pay by bank transfer. Also please send an email or text letting us know you have made payment.

Once you have paid, the course will be activated for you within 24-48 hours. You will then receive further instructions on how to access the course and we will update the balance on your account for you. 

For more information see the 'Contact Us' page.

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