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The founders of Simply Hijama, interested in the traditional practice of Cupping Therapy, embarked on a journey to learn and practice it. Its high status in Islam and ancient practices, along with its growing popularity in western societies en-couraged them to create comprehensive training courses at both beginners and higher education levels. Initially, they set up one-day workshops in East London, dedicated to teaching the basic understanding, skills and procedures needed and used in Hijama Therapy. As these workshops increased in popularity, they were inspired to develop advanced, fully comprehensive online training programs, offering high quality theory and practical training at an affordable price, benefitting students around the world.

Recognised both nationally and internationally, Simply Hijama is a registered cupping therapy training provider that have been established since 2011. They are registered with the following governing bodies:

  • CMA – The Complimentary Medical Association UK
  • PWA – Professional Wellness Alliance USA 
  • IPHM – The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine 
  • GRCCT – The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies


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