Our aim to spread awareness of Hijama Therapy globally, so part of that is making our courses affordable as possible. Not everyone wants to practice Hijama Therapy professionally. You may just want to learn more about it, or practice it in house on your family and friends. With this course you can learn about Hijama Therapy at a low cost price. Learn how to perform Hijama at your own pace and with tutor support at your finger tips read more...


The Higher Diploma in Hijama Therapy is an all-inclusive course covering the Hijama therapy Core Curriculum, teaching Hijama in detail at a practitioner level. The course allows the student to expand their knowledge of Hijama Therapy and practice skilfully. Also, be able to create treatment plans based on individual patients needs and various illnesses and conditions . On successful completion of the examination, postgraduate students will be able to begin a new career or earn additional income in a number of different ways read more...

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