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Below are links to other websites, businesses and organisations in relation to general health, health products and services and Hijama Therapy:

    Organic produce. toiletries and supplements at great prices
Organic All Round
07947175169 is a growing online resource that aims to provide coverage on all aspects of healthnutrition and disease with a specific focus on natural health (diet and lifestyle) and sound principles of nutrition

Sihhah.Com is a natural, organic health and nutrition store. You can purchase cosmetics, vitamins, supplements and other health related items

  Dr Zeeshan Aslam- Online alternative medicine consultations
  Dr.  Zeeshan is a "Pure" homeopath, who works with conditions where allopathy (common/mainstream medical approach) doesn’t usually have      much to offer and he does this via on-line consultation (Skype/phone) so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world (almost)! His approach is very different as compared to common homeopaths as he spends 2 hours on an initial consultation and studies the details afterwards before choosing a specific/individual remedy according to the totality of the patient’s symptoms. Remedies used in homeopathy come from natural sources​ (i.e. minerals​, ​plants and animals)​ and are prepared in such a way that they are devoid of all chemical toxicity. Online Consultation makes it easy to prescribe around the world!
 The Rapid Cure


Using Simply Hijama 




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