Hijama & Acne; unlikely friends.

18 Oct 2016 1:16 PM | Simply Hijama (Administrator)

The following case study is from the earlier days of my journey as a Hijama Therapist, and epitomes the wonders of Hijama (by the will of Allaah). 

Patient presented with severe acne on her face along with deep scarring. The patient has previously tried other treatments and altered her diet, neither of which had any positive effect on her acne. 

Treatment Plan: Monthly Hijama Sessions for 4 months. 

Outcome: Initially, the patient failed to notice her skin clearing up, however her colleagues noticed! They were unaware that she was undergoing Hijama Therapy, and were amazed at how much her skin has cleared up in a short amount of time.

We continued with the treatment plan, and her acne disappeared completely. 

There are many success stories like this one concerning Hijama Therapy. If you have an illness, even if you have had it for a long time, you can try Hijama Therapy. You may even notice that Hijama Therapy alleviates the concerned condition as well as other problems, your body is tackling, at the same time. 

If there are no qualified Hijama practitioners in your area, learn this therapy and help others!

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